The Art Of Obstruction

By Annie Tittiger : – excerpt

Call them neighborhood activists when you agree with their cause, Nimbys when you don’t. Either way, these San Franciscans have the power to stop or stall all manner of projects— and they’re not afraid to use it.

Mari Eliza – Eastern NeIghborhoods United Front (ENUF)
Street cred: a relative novice when it comes to neighborhood activism, this graphic designer/ car owner and her group have nonetheless driven rings around the SFMTA. Current crusade: Keeping the streets safe for long-term parkers in Dogpatch, Mission Bay, Bernal Heights, Potrero Hill, and the Northeast Mission. The wrench thrown: Since its founding in January, ENUF has stopped the city from installing smart parking meters in the area. The principle of the thing: “The SFMTA is trying to make it impossible to own a car,” Eliza argues. “[installing meters] would just make the Eastern Neighborhoods a parking lot for commuters coming from the South Bay.” Allies: area residents, “every” neighborhood group, and supervisor David Campos. On the other side: The SFMTA,  whose 2011 deficit hovered around $17 million, but which has now supposedly (and miraculously) balanced its budget. Sniffs spokesman Paul Rose, “a parking meter is a management tool [that] allows for better parking policies to ensure there’s turnover and better parking available.”… (more)

Thanks to all our supporters and all those who are helping get the word out to the public that there is an effort to push back against restrictive parking policies in San Francisco. ENUF is working to unite all the stakeholders who have a grievance and seek relief.

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