The First Sunday With Metered Parking: Was It Completely Ignored?

by Aaron Bialick : – excerpt

Yesterday was supposed to be different: San Francisco parking meters were to be in effect during business hours on Sundays for the first time ever, meaning fewer drivers would be clogging up the streets looking for a spot.
But in at least two busy commercial districts, nearly every parking meter appeared occupied but unpaid. The displays flashed “expired,” but parking control officers were absent, as were the warning leaflets that the SF Municipal Transportation Agency said it would hand out during the first three weeks before actual ticketing kicks in…

Update: SFMTA spokesperson Paul Rose said PCOs distributed 4,000 warnings citywide, including 600 in the Haight area, and approximately 1,000 warnings in the Mission District. He also said that “old meters” don’t display a change when drivers pre-pay or pay by cell phone(more)

SFMTA, please save your breathe. Don’t bother to mention your congestion parking price theories anymore because nobody is buying it! Learn to live within your well-endowed means like the rest of us!

One good thing is happening. Thanks to SFMTA’s  unpopular Sunday parking meter program, The “Stop SFMTA” petition signatures are blossoming, along with a lot of negative comments and suggestions to city officials on what should be done with your department.

After 65 tears an SF tradition ends – free metered Sunday parking
Many drdivers upset by new SF parking meter rules  “…Those who run religious education programs think it will affect attendance, “I’m not going to be able to get my volunteers to stay, it runs through 12:30,” said Joyce Fletham with Glide Memorial. “People are going to leave because a $75 dollar parking ticket for a half hour of education is not going to be worth it to them…”
S.F. Sunday parkers get grace period …”Conveniently, and perhaps not coincidentally, the agency announced Monday that all city-controlled parking meters are now outfitted to accept payment by cell phone – but it will cost 45 cents per transaction. Meters along the Embarcadero that are controlled by the Port of San Francisco are not yet equipped for the service…”

I love this. 45 cents for the banks each time you pay with your cell phone. And, all the meters are different, in case you hadn’t noticed yet. There is no telling how much each will cost and how long you can park in any spot. It varies all over the city.

This is designed to stress us out. They want us to go away. Well. maybe they should be the ones to go.