Here’s Something You Can Do If You’re Pissed About Paying for Parking on Sunday

By Erin Sherbert : – excerpt

Update 9 p.m.: Muni says it issued 4,000 warnings on Sunday to drivers who didn’t pay the meter for one reason or another.
Did you forget to plug the meter this past Sunday, despite our friendly reminder that you can no longer completely rest on your one day of rest?
The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency hasn’t responded to us, so we can’t tell you how many drivers forgot to feed the meter on Sunday, when paying for parking on the Sabbath started. If you forgot this time, best you use the next two Sundays to start practicing, because come Jan. 27 the fastidious meter maids will no longer issue warnings, but parking tickets...
So what can you do about the new oppressive parking rules?
Not much, really, but you can sign this petition, which asks the SFMTA to stop making San Francisco an all-around miserable place for drivers… (more)

Last comment on the petition today, “do you know how miserable it is to raise kids in this city? I live in the sunset. I pay 10K in property tax per year. I ferry my kids to ballet, kung fu, piano lessons, etc all weekend long. Don’t tell me to ride a bike to these activities — I am 45 years old and live among some really steep hills with 3 kids. This increase in parking costs and fees will cause folks like me to either (1) do more shopping in daly city (2) cheat the system more by getting a fake handicap placard or (3) cheat the city in other ways like unpermitted build outs, under reporting of income, or simply just moving away. You do realize this don’t you?”

Some Tips to Help SF Weekly Get Over the Free Parking Obsession

by Aaron Bialick : – excerpt

The folks at SF Weekly seem really upset about the end of free car parking on Sundays. The shock is apparently severe enough that Erin Sherbert put up a post yesterday directing readers to sign the petition demanding an absolute end to the SF Municipal Transportation Agency’s expansion of parking meters, launched by the Eastern Neighborhoods United Front (ENUF). (Just a reminder: ENUF’s spokesperson won a Streetsie Award this year for “most absurd argument against SFPark meters.”)
Signing on the to ENUF petition, Sherbert wrote, is car owners’ last stand against “the new oppressive parking rules.”…  (more)

Tell Lawmakers What You Think — With One Click

We heard your complaints. Writing Congress is now easier than ever. – excerpt
During our relaunch of, we removed the requirement that you register and log in every time you want to write your lawmakers.
Now, all you need to do is click on the words “Join the Conversation, Write Your Lawmakers” in the upper-right corner of the site.
Or, you can click on the link below to be taken to a form to write all of your federal representatives at one time.