San Francisco to start ticketing for expired Sunday parking meters

By: Will Reisman : San Francisco Examiner – (more)

After a three-week amnesty period, motorists will have to feed their meters starting this Sunday or face the consequences of a parking ticket.
Technically, The City began enforcing parking meters on Sundays on Jan. 6. However, motorists were given a reprieve from tickets for the first three weeks while adapting to the new rules. On Sunday, the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency, which manages parking in The City, will begin issuing tickets to motorists who overstay their meters… (See the link to The Loophole That Will Get You a $72 Refund from SFMTA on 7X7 to contest any tickets you recieved prior to this date.)
The initiative, which aimed to update San Francisco‚Äôs antiquated parking rules, is expected to generate an extra $1.9 million in revenue for the transit agency… (more)

Note that revenue figure is now back to $1.9 million. So far it has fluctuated between 1.7 and 2 million in the last week.

If you think the SFMTA is an out of control train wreck, sign the petition and tell your Supervisor. We just hit 1500 signatures this week.

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