San Francisco Board of Supervisors Approves Car Share Parking Proposal : February 20, 2013 in Legislative

San Francisco’s Board of Supervisors approved unanimously an ordinance that that allows developers of residential projects to exceed parking caps by adding designated car sharing spaces.
Supervisor Scott Wiener introduced the proposal last year with aims to promote car sharing.
The ordinance states that the parking spaces will be available at no cost to the car share organizations, and can be used for other purposes if a car share organization does not elect to use the space. The ordinance also outlines how many spaces can be included depending on the number of units that will be built in the residential development.
In the past, developers have been discouraged to save parking spots for car sharing vehicles since it would count toward their maximum number of allowed spaces.

Polk Street merchants angry about plan to remove parking spaces

By: Joshua Sabatini : – excerpt

Polk Street merchants are up in arms over what they call a “radical agenda” to eliminate more than half the parking spaces along the bustling commercial corridor to reduce collisions with pedestrians and bicyclists.
Since last week, a group of merchants along upper Polk Street have posted signs on their shop windows asking passers-by to “Save Polk St.” from the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency’s Polk Street Improvement Project.
The draft proposals are scaring merchants and raising their blood pressure. The fliers ask for help to “stop the radical agenda” of the agency and the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition over plans to “remove 20 blocks of street parking from Polk St. from Union St. to McAllister St.”…
To make way for dedicated bike lanes, parking could be eliminated “fully from one side and partially from the other” and street parking could be eliminated altogether along lower Polk Street, according to the transit agency’s community presentation. The plan is to implement the changes in 2015 but to first have a temporary trial run on a few blocks during the America’s Cup this summer.
“It’s going to kill business,” said 90-year-old Rita Paoli, owner of City Discount, a kitchen supply store at 1542 Polk St. “Go pick up a few dishes. Just weigh them. You try and carry them.”
Paoli, who with her late husband owned the once-famous Paoli’s restaurant in the Financial District, said her customers drive in from all over The City and beyond. “I have never had bicyclists come in here and buy any plates,” Paoli said. “Rent is high. Cost of merchandise is high. If I don’t have volume, I’m locking up.”
Paoli’s concern is the driving sentiment among many Polk Street merchants, according to Dawn Trennert, co-chair of the Middle Polk Neighborhood Association. “It’s all very bicycle-driven,” Trennert said…
Merchants have scheduled a community meeting at 6:30 p.m. March 18 at It’s A Grind coffee shop on Polk and Washington streets to discuss their concerns… (more)

SFMTA to Debut Evening Metering and Event Meter Rates Near ATT Park on Monday, March 4

Posted on 02.19.13 : – excerpt

SAN FRANCISCO (February 19, 2013) —To better manage increasing parking and traffic demand, the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) will debut evening metering and event rates at meters in the blocks around AT&T Park on Monday, March 4.
Meters on blocks within walking distance of AT&T Park will operate until 10pm Monday to Saturday and be priced lower on non-event nights. These changes will make more parking spots available in South Beach and Mission Bay, especially during events, and help reduce congestion by discouraging circling for parking near the ballpark. Circling pollutes the air, slows Muni buses trying to move through the area, and provides more opportunities for conflicts with people on foot or on bicycles. Managing parking to reduce circling reduces all of those adverse impacts.
Rates at SFMTA meters after 6pm will be set at $0.25/hr, except during events. The first event with special meter rates is the World Baseball Classic at AT&T Park, which runs March 17-19. During events, metered parking will cost $5 or $7 per hour, depending on proximity to AT&T Park… (more)