CEQA Roundup: What’s next after Rubio?

March 01, 2013 by Justin Ewers : caeconomy.org – excerpt

The CEQA legislation has taken a backseat to the news story of Rubio’s Senate departure.
California political reporters have spent much of the last week taking a deep dive into the implications of Michael Rubio’s departure from the Senate—while largely ignoring the actual CEQA legislation Sen. Darrell Steinberg introduced last Friday…

But What about CEQA?(more)
And why should we care?

Because the Environmental laws are the primary argument against restrictive parking policies that are disrupting our neighborhoods.
Between efforts at that state level, led by lobbies financed by lobbies and special interests groups, and the efforts being waged in SF to curtail the rights of citizens to control their environment and question big development projects before any contracts are signed, there is much for our local press to investigate.

The number one question that comes to mind is.”Do you trust government agencies to always act in the public interest? If that answer is “No”, you will want to preserve the right to appeal their decisions.

Bills of particular interest: Seeking project exemptions: A half-dozen bills seek exemptions for specific projects, including bike projects (AB 417), light and high-speed rail (SB 525), and energy management projects (AB 628, AB 930, and AB 1079).

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Vehicle ban targets some San Francisco neighborhoods

KTVU.com – excerpt

SAN FRANCISCO — San Francisco city officials have been placing flyers on large vehicles, warning the drivers of an impending parking ban.
The new law would ban parking on designated streets from midnight to 6 a.m…
City leaders say they’re offering to store the large vehicles in exchange for an agreement to go into temporary housing.
Opponents say the ban targets the down and out.
“We’re talking about people who are holding onto jobs and able to do so while they’re living in their vehicles,” said Jennifer Friedenbach of the Coalition on Homeless…


Pier 48 parking lot: San Francisco’s next big event venue?


With plans for a new neighborhood and a major retailer recently staking claim, the Giants are helping shape San Francisco’s Pier 38 into one of the waterfront’s biggest revitalization projects.
As part of the Giant’s Mission Rock Development — San Francisco’s newest proposed neighborhood — Anchor Brewing & Distilling Co. recently said it would open its seventh brewery in the city on the pier. But since construction will not begin until 2014 and other developments are still years away, the Giants have figured out another use for the space — events… (more)

BART riders to face higher fare, parking costs

By: Will Reisman : SFexaminer.com – excerpt

Commuters who drive to BART stations should prepare for a double dose of fare increases.
The transit agency’s board of directors approved a measure Thursday to expand the inflation-based fare increase policy until 2020. The biennial program, which expired last year, will ensure that fare hikes are scheduled for 2014, 2016, 2018 and 2020. Fares will go up 5 percent Jan. 1 and about 4 percent in each of the following rate hikes.
The board also approved a plan to increase parking rates at station lots. Daily fees at most stations are currently $1, but under the new plan those rates could be adjusted upward by 50 cents twice a year, with the first hike tentatively scheduled for June 1…
While BART has finished the past two fiscal years with operating budget surpluses, those numbers don’t account for the major long-term projects covered in the agency’s capital plan. That budget, which details projects such as rail replacement and station capacity enhancement, is facing a $10 billion shortfall. Revenue from fare increases will go toward bridging that gap… (more)

BART Board Votes To Increase Fares, Parking Fees
BART set to increase fares. parking costs

Larkspur Ferry Officials Float Ideas For Dealing With Increasing Ridership

Reporting Margie Shafer : sanfrancisco.cbslocal.com – excerpt

LARKSPUR (KCBS) – Golden Gate Bridge, Highway and Transportation District officials have one of those “good problems” on their hands: their Larkspur to San Francisco ferry service is a popular one with commuters. So much so that riders are engaging in a daily dash for parking spaces, not to mention a scramble for a seat on a boat… (more)

The Larkspur Ferry Terminal

The need for more parking at all the public transportation hubs is the elephant in the room that everyone is ignoring.