Beware of parking meters in our residential neighborhoods

by Supervisor Mark E. Farrell : – excerpt

Supervisor’s report, March 1, 2013

Everyone in San Francisco is keenly aware of our city’s parking meters and the inherent need to constantly feed them or suffer the fate of sky-high tickets courtesy of our Department of Parking and Traffic.
Most of us also expect parking meters in common-sense locations, such as merchant corridors, major thoroughfares, and at our most visited destinations citywide. I, along with the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA), agree that parking meters in these locations serve to help our small business community, fund a portion of SFMTA’s budget, and move further toward establishing San Francisco as a transit-first city. However, the SFMTA is currently moving forward proposed plans to expand parking meters into our neighborhoods and residential areas – it is already in the process with five neighborhoods in the southeast sector of San Francisco, including SOMA, Mission Bay, and Potrero Hill.
On top of their now established Sunday parking meter plan, which I continue to fight against in City Hall, these actions are starting to seriously impact the quality of life in our neighborhoods
In my May 2012 Marina Times column, I expressed sentiments that the SFMTA should reconsider its plans to increase revenue through Sunday parking on the backs of residents until it can get its own overtime costs and financial house in order. Those sentiments still hold true. City residents should not be asked to bolster SFMTA’s expenses by feeding parking meters in residential areas. Sunday parking meters are already a bad idea – let’s not follow suit with potentially one more….  (more)

Let’s thank Mark Farrell for his support. Supervisor Mark E. Farrell is the District 2 supervisor and can be reached at 415-554-7752 or

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