SFMTA Northeast Mission Parking Planning Community Meeting 3

by Aaron Bialick : sf.streetsblog.org – excerpt
Notice of public SFMTA neighborhood meetings is on sfstreetsblog and

From SFMTA via email to sf.streetsblog.org:
At the March 21 meeting we will present a draft proposal for parking management for the Northeast Mission. The draft proposal will be posted on the project website at least a week in advance of the meeting, and we will send an email notification when that draft proposal has been posted.
If you have not yet reviewed the Northeast Mission parking data web page, please take a look – from here you can download block-level data worksheets for your own block or any block in the study area, review parking conditions and behavior observed in the neighborhood, review SFMTA’s policies and guidelines for parking management, and give comments online.
If you’d like to talk with the SFMTA parking planning team about the project, the data we have collected and shared, or anything related to parking in the Northeast Mission, please contact us in any of these ways:

Send your comments suggestions , and requests prior to the meeting. Suggest better ways of giving notice, and, if you feel the Muni service has gotten worse in the area, ask what SFMTA plans to do to improve it.

Welcome to San Francisco! When Parking, Remember to…

By David LaBua : 7x7SF – excerpt

Welcome to SF.  When parking, remember to:
Look up and down the street from where your vehicle is parked, because every parking sign is enforceable for 100 feet.
Welcome to SF.  When parking, remember to:
Curb your wheels on any street over a 3% grade, which is not steep enough to roll an orange down, and 90% of the streets are steeper than 3%, so get in the habit of curbing your wheels. If you forget to curb your wheels because you parked on a flat street, and you get a ticket anyway, challenge it by going to the official map of the surveyed streets, and contest your ticket.
Welcome to SF.  When parking, remember that:
When you contest a ticket and get rejected, appeal it. Your chances of winning grow from under 5% to over 50% on the second appeal.
Welcome to SF. When parking, remember that:
In 2-Hour and 1-Hour Zones, you are only allowed to park once per day, during the time-frame (ex: 9 pm-6 pm) anywhere on that block, only for the time limit allotted.
Welcome to SF. When parking, remember that:
There are 11,000 cars per square mile and 17,000 people per square mile, so relax, get informed, get creative, use a good parking app, but, most of all, relax. And remember that those 17,000 pedestrians like to wear black, at night, in the rain, while texting, and think that intersections and crosswalks have Steve Jobs-designed, magic force-fields built in, which will protect their bodies from 2,000 pound machines.
Welcome to SF. When parking remember that:
It’s cheaper to overpay an extra dollar in the meter for a 15-minute buffer zone than it is to pay $72 because you got back two minutes too late.
Be sure that you have at least $453.75 worth of room on your credit card, because if you get towed, that is the minimum it’s going to cost you.


Bike Coalition Rewards Polite Cyclists With Chocolate Bars and a Vacation

By Erin Sherbert : SFWeekly – excerpt

With all the animosity between cyclists and drivers and cyclists and pedestrians (and pedestrians and drivers for that matter), the Bike Coalition thought now might be a good time to try to sweet talk our two-wheeled friends into being a little, well, sweeter on the road.
And what’s sweeter than sugar and cash?
The group will be kind-heartedly watching cyclists pedal through San Francisco to observe how well-behaved they are. In other words, are they blowing stop signs and traffic lights? Are they speeding? Are they flipping off the driver next to them?.. (more)