Parking Expert: Underpriced Parking Permits Won’t Curb Cruising for Spots

by Aaron Bialick :  – excerpt

A lot of traffic in the northeast Mission consists of drivers cruising for parking spots. Motorists in the area circle for an average of 27 minutes in search of a free spot, according to the SF Municipal Transportation Agency, which has held community outreach meetings in recent months to develop a plan for new parking meters and permit restrictions to curb excess traffic in the neighborhood.
In response to fervent opposition to metered parking in the eastern neighborhoods, the SFMTA has pushed back its timeline for installing meters, devoting more attention to data collection and community feedback as it develops parking management plans. On March 21, the agency will present a proposal for the northeast Mission, before beginning the same process of community meetings in the Potrero Hill and Dogpatch neighborhoods…
In a recent interview, Jeff Tumlin, a principal at the transportation planning firm Nelson/Nygaard… told Streetsblog why RPP zones alone aren’t enough to manage demand. Tumlin is working as a consultant for the SFMTA on its eastern neighborhood parking management plans…. (more)

Tumlin was fired by the city of Santa Monica. Do we want to continue listening him and putting our faith in Nelson/Nygaard if they are responsible for the current state of traffic and parking in San Francisco, as they claim in their marketing materials?

Maybe it looks good on paper, but do you want to live with it?  Eastern Neighborhoods Transportation Implementation Planning Study (EN TRIPS)

Have traffic flow and parking conditions improved or gotten worse since SFMTA hired  Nelson/Nygaard?

Even though SFPark has not delivered any results from their experiment in congestion parking, they plan to  expand the unproven program. Let you Supervisor know how you feel about that.

Even Dr. Shoup, who devised the parking congestion theory, is back-pedaling on his claims.

SHOUP: If it works, it will make San Francisco an even better place to live and do business and visit. It will just be yet another feather in the cap of San Francisco. And if it doesn’t work, they can blame it all on a professor from Los Angeles.“… (more)

City drops consultant over NIMBY comment

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