Proposed Parking Changes on Polk in San Francisco Prompt Protests

Kron4tv – excerpt

Proposed Parking Changes on Polk Street Prompt Protest

City officials say there is a, “high rate of accidents in the area”.

Probably because the new rules are so confusing and everybody is so stressed. People have forgotten how to walk, bike and drive in the city. The level of civility is at an all time low. The right of way should belong to whoever enters the intersection first.

SFMTA claims the changes will start in 2015.

DON’T WAIT to act.

SFMTA has signs contracts years in advance of the work commencing. Stop the contracts by filing appeals and complaints early in the process.

North Beach residents concerned about the plan to extract the boring machines by tearing up Columbus Ave., learned at a recent meeting that the tunnel boring contracts were signed four years before they were told about them.


NMA E-Newsletter #219: Resistance is Not Futile

NMA E-newsletter : – excerpt –

Profiteers from photo tickets, whether camera companies like ATS or Redflex, or the communities who plan on red-light and speed camera ticket revenue to prop up their budget deficits, would have you believe otherwise. They are waging an ongoing (and very cynical) effort to discourage photo ticket recipients from bothering to contest those citations.
What is their strategy? One needs to look no further than a new bill that has been introduced to the California State Assembly. This proposed legislation if enacted would require photo ticket cases across the state to be heard in administrative hearings rather than in courts of law. There are no due process rights afforded to defendants in an administrative hearing. Rulings are made by an employee on the city payroll, not by a real judge. Proponents of civil hearings want to eliminate legal challenges that would surface if the rules of evidence were followed.
In what can only be deemed delicious irony, the California bill was assigned the next number in sequence for the current legislative session and thus became designated AB 666. It didn’t take long before it gained the moniker “The Devil’s Bill.”

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