Your SFMTA at Work: It Takes ONE DOZEN Fare Inspectors to Inspect Just One MUNI Bus? – excerpt

I’m struggling to understand how this scene makes any sense at all.
Hey SFMTA! What was this, training day?
One lady got off this N Judah Express and said “I don’t have time for this” as she just walked on off. And nobody from the SFMTA did nothing, oh well… (more)

Hopefully it is training day and not the norm.

Study: S.F. Needs More Cabs – excerpt

In a newsflash that will shock no one, a new study commissioned by the SFMTA says that the city could use 600 to 800 more cabs on the streets in the next few years.
The conclusion of the study pisses off local taxi companies and drivers who have fought long and hard to keep the number of medallions in the city low — the argument from them being that they can barely make a living on Mondays and Tuesdays as it is, and more cabs will only hurt them more. But continuing to have this provincial attitude toward the business has allowed Uber and Lyft to steal a huge chunk of their business, largely because their service generally sucks, and it is otherwise impossible to get home late at night on a weekend.
Chuck Nevius takes on the argument today, and it’s a perfectly reasonable one. As the taxi expert who did the study, Dan Hara, explains, adding taxis should help all the drivers, because the more reliable and available the entire system becomes, the more people will use it… (more)

UCSF Ponders New Building and Parking Structure

By: Rigoberto Hernandez : Mission Local – excerpt

t’s never too early to start thinking about how to develop an underused University of California, San Francisco property in the Mission — even if those plans will not come to fruition until 2035, university officials said.
UCSF is considering erecting a new building and an adjacent parking lot at 15th and Folsom streets as part of its new long-term development plan. The University currently employs more than 800 employees at the 72-foot Mission Building Center, which includes a 207-space parking lot at 1855 Folsom.
“We can never predict what the future would hold,” said Kevin Beauchamp, the university’s director of physical planning. “But at least now we want a snapshot in time of our thinking based on what we know today.”
Click here to continue reading about the proposed building… (more)

Why Some Parking Apps Can Get You in Trouble

By David LaBua : 7×7 – excerpt

A little more than 2 years ago, San Francisco demonstrated its pioneering spirit when it launched its innovative parking system, SFPark. Using a web of infrared sensors the SFPark mobile app shows a map with the locations of the blocks that have available parking spots.
I absolutely loved the idea, but was concerned that there would now be 100,000 people using the SFPark app, searching for a parking spot and looking down at their phones and deciphering the map while doing so. I approached San Francisco officials and asked if I could use the data from this amazing system and create an app that guided the driver by voice to available parking spots. With a non-territorial attitude, they invited me to knock my socks off. And four months later, the Beta version of VoicePark was launched… (more)