New law will ban protesters from riding mass transit in California – excerpt

Risking arrest isn’t the only obstacle for Northern California protesters — under a new rule about to go into effect, political demonstrators could lose their right to ride public transportation.
Starting next week, law enforcement officers policing the Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) system in San Francisco, Sacramento, Oakland and other cities can issue bus and subway bans for unruly passengers — and according to one local news report, that power could be used to prevent political protesters from getting to demonstrations or essentially going anywhere.
Under the recently passed State Assembly Bill 716, BART can issue “prohibition” orders to any passenger cited or arrested for certain offenses, essentially blacklisting some people from boarding public transit vehicles if they’ve been charged with certain crimes… (more)

SFMTA Drops Protected Bike Lane Proposals for Most of Polk Street

by Aaron Bialick : – excerpt

The SF Municipal Transportation Agency has taken protected bike lanes off the table for 14 of 20 blocks of Polk Street under its latest design options [PDF]…
the SFMTA’s most ambitious proposal for Polk between Geary and Union Streets only includes bike lanes that, depending on the block, would run either curbside (without parking) or in the door zone — the kinds of bike lanes that only make a relatively small percentage of people feel comfortable enough to ride… (more)

Save Polk Street likes Plan “A”. It remains to be seem what they will get, though the cyclists are unhappy with the latest design choices.

New Polk Street plans kinder to parked cars

Parking meter expansion hearing on Thursday

City Insider : – excerpt

Before a parking meter unexpectedly pops up outside your front door, one supervisor wants more details on the San Francisco’s Municipal Transportation Agency’s  efforts to expand meters into residential areas.
The SFMTA currently has plans to consider installing meters around Mission Bay, the University of San Francisco, the northeast part of the Mission, Potrero Hill, Dogpatch and Western SoMa. The SFMTA says it has been or will be conducting outreach in those neighborhoods, but Supervisor Mark Farrell believes “every potentially affected neighborhood deserves to have extensive input into and thorough understanding of SFMTA’s upcoming plan.”… (more)