Change priorities SFMTA

May 2 Public Hearing on Parking – on-line Recording (click on the 130155 bullet point)

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Drastic cut in travel times part of Muni’s ambitious long-term vision

By: Will Reisman : – excerpt

For Muni to be a reliable transit system consistently used by commuters, travel times need to be significantly reduced — a point emphasized by the agency’s executive director.
Detailing the cure is the easy part; figuring out how to accomplish that task is something else.
As part of its long-range vision, Muni has laid out ambitious goals along its major transit corridors, with the plan calling for the travel times of some routes to be cut in half…  (more)

As Supervisor Campos said at the May 2 hearing, it would be nice if Muni service was as efficient as the meter maids.

SFMTA officials do a lot of talking about fixing the Muni, yet no discernible progress has been made.

Meanwhile, the SFMTA has no trouble installing parking meters and bike paths, disrupt traffic and eliminating parking spots.

We need a change in priorities.

Work on Oak Street bike lane is speeding up

By: Will Reisman : – excerpt

After initial reports that work might not be done until the end of this year, crews have now started adding a bike lane to a stretch of Oak Street as part of a project approved last October.
On Thursday, workers began adjusting traffic lanes on Oak Street to allow for the creation of a bike lane on a three-block stretch between Scott and Baker streets, according to Paul Rose, a spokesman for the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency, the project coordinator… (more)