Head Count: How Little We Know About the Mysterious Bikers in Our Midst!

Ben Christopher : sfweekly – excerpt

Take a look at the available evidence and the conclusion is inescapable: San Francisco is a city of cyclists. Or it’s not.
Really, it depends on who you ask. Consult the 2011 Census figures, the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency bike count, or the Mayor’s office, and you’ll find that the city hosts a 14,862-strong legion, a slightly diminished 10,139 riders, or a mere 8,314 grease-stained fanatics. So we can be absolutely certain that the formidable army, respectable showing, or irrelevant minority that is the San Francisco biking community has an indisputably beneficial, disastrous, or totally inconsequential impact on the city. In other words, when it comes to basic data about cycling, we still have a long way to go… (more)

Newly Proposed Bicycle Parking Requirements

sf-planning.org – excerpt

On Thursday, May 16th, 2013, the Commission will consider:
the re-adoption of the General Plan Amendments regarding the Bike Plan; and
the adoption of the proposed bicycle parking requirements in the Planning Code.

If approved by the Commission, both proposals would be forwarded to the San Francisco Board of Supervisors for final approvals.
The Planning Department invites you to attend this hearing to express your thoughts about bicycle parking. The case report for this hearing, including the complete proposed ordinances can be downloaded from the Planning Commission’s webpage on:

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