Central Subway: Federal Overseer Laments “Serious Deficiency” in Time, Money Contingencies

Feds not happy with the Central Subway Project

By Joe Eskenazi : SFWEEKLY – excerpt

Federal officials “concerned that it has taken the Central Subway Project so long to address this serious deficiency.”
If time is, indeed, money, the Central Subway project is in double trouble.
A recent report by an overseer monitoring the $1.6 billion federally funded project laments that the controversial subway line is at risk of falling well short of Federal Transportation Administration minimums for both surplus time and money….
Update, 3 p.m.: Rose says the contractor handling the headway construction has “brought in a second piece of equipment to double production.” With regards to concerns about time contingencies, he claims “we are moving forward with getting back on schedule.” Muni’s monetary reserve is well below FTA-approved levels — but Rose was confident the $65 million contingency would suffice. If not, he said, Muni could tap into a “capital surplus.”… (more)

San Francisco…

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