Supe Proposes $1-3 Event Surcharge To Aid “overwhelmed and effectively defunct” Muni

by eve: sfappeal – excerpt

As a longtime N Judah rider, I know all too well that that transit line is next to impossible to ride in the period near the conclusion of a home Giants game.  And don’t get me started on trying to ride during Outside Lands.
So I have been very curious about how the transit agency might improve service to accommodate riders attending games at the new Warriors arena!
In an effort to get ahead of these problems, one SF Supervisor is proposing a $1-$3 surcharge for tickets at larger sports and entertainment events, with the money from that surcharge going to the SFMTA.
What do you think, is that a positive step towards managing Muni’s event issues?  Or is it spitting into the ocean (or the wind)?  Tell us what you think…  (more)


This sounds like the congestion parking theory run amok. They got away with charging more for parking during “events”. Next will want to charge more for Muni riders during events. The just raised the fast pass fairs. Here is a better idea. Throw the MTA Board out and reset the policies.

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