Muni Delays Have Huge Negative Impact On San Francisco Economy, Report Finds – excerpt
How much money do rush-hour delays on Muni cost the city of San Francisco each year?
According to a report released by the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency on Tuesday afternoon, these delays reduce the city’s overall economic activity by an estimated $50 million per year and are one of the main reasons why, over the first few months of 2013, Muni’s on-time percentage was a paltry 58.7 percent–well below 85 percent on-time rate mandated by San Francisco voters.
“We have not invested in this transportation system over the last generation,” said San Francisco Municipal Transportation Chief Ed Reiskin. “We’re nowhere close to being able to meet the 85 percent performance goal [imposed by San Francisco voters in 1999’s Proposition E] due to this underinvestment.”The report estimated that, just last month alone, Muni delayed its customers by 172,195 total hours… (more)
… SFMTA Director of Transit John Haley explained that 70 percent of all delays on a typical day are the result of maintenance issues. Muni, which is running a $320 million annual structural budget deficit, has long been underfunded, particularly when it comes to the upkeep of its aging fleet of vehicles. The agency currently experiencing an over $2 billion backlog in deferred maintenance.
“This is a system that, while being heavily utilized on a day-to-day basis, continues to have growing pains due to years of underinvestment,” said Haley.
However, it isn’t just a lack of funds that have contributed to Muni’s maintenance issues. A 2012 investigation by SF Weekly argued that the agency has systematically neglected upkeep for years and many of the problems are the result of management failures and inefficient processes …
“I think, in short, the current system would not be able to handle a big influx of new riders without some major improvements,” Transit Riders Union Spokesman Ben Kaufman explained to The Huffington Post earlier this year… (more)

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