SFMTA pushes for revised Polk Street renovation

by John Zipperer : marinatimes – excerpt

Following an at-times contentious round of back-and-forth with community groups regarding a planned remake of Polk Street’s traffic and parking design, the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) has issued revised proposals for the redo of the busy street and is looking forward to an early fall demonstration project.
“The thing we had to work hardest on Polk Street was to meet [the] need for everyone to be heard and to be valued,” said Seleta Reynolds, who leads the SFMTA’s policy analysis and innovation team, whose work includes the Polk Street project. “I feel that is what we missed at the beginning of the work.”…
After (the) group digests the results of the survey in June, it will wrap up some feasibility and technical analysis, and then move to make a recommendation. That will require four to six months to get environmental clearance before it goes to SFMTA’s board, which could take place by late fall. At that time, people will have a final chance to weigh in with their opinions at the public meeting before the board. If approved, the plan will go into full design work by the engineers.
Before that, however, Reynolds hopes to conduct a demonstration of the project on a short portion of Polk in September or October 2013. For information on the project and to give input on the demonstration, Reynolds invited Polk residents to give their thoughts to the agency’s Darcie Lim at darcie.lim@sfmta.com… (more)

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