Your BART Breakdown of the Week – excerpt

This week’s BART breakdown is brought to you by the letter “T,” as in Truck. As in truck stuck on a ruck. Or more like stuck on one of those track switercheroo things that lets trains move from one track to another. D’oh!. No word yet as to whether or not there were any mother—— snakes on the goddamn truck.
As a result, twenty-four out of fifty-five trains ran late. There was no train service from Richmond into San Francisco or down to Daly City and everything but the Dublin-Pleasanton line was turned back in SF. Those poor people stuck on the trains when the problems started up were evacuated.
As for us, the 101 was free and easy this morning as we made it to work in record time. And yes, we point this out not to rub it in to those poor folks who still try and do the right thing by taking public transportation to work, but because it’s things like this that make people give up on riding pub trans. Like us. Trust us, getting stranded on a train miles away from your destination with no knowledge of when things will start up again or without any other way to get into work SUCKS. We took pub trans down to the Peninsula for almost two years before constant delays and missed connections got to us. So far, driving into work has made our lives much mellower and lowered our stress level. Yes, we kind of miss being able to read the paper and a book on the way to and from work, but we also enjoy not taking over an hour to get anywhere… (more)

Our sentiments exactly. In fact the BART breakdowns demonstrate the need for alternative transportation, like CARS,  to get around in an emergency situation.

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