Pay a Citation – excerpt

If you receive a parking or transit citation you must pay or protest the citation by the due date, or you will be subject to late fees and collections fees. Vehicles with five or more parking citations will be subject to booting and/or towing. See the links below for information on parking tips, citation payments, and the protest process. Do not pay a citation if you wish to protest it
If you cannot afford to pay your parking fines, you may be eligible to perform volunteer work or set up a payment plan through a program administered by Project 20. Community service and payment plans are not an option if your vehicle has been booted or towed and you are trying to reclaim it.  For more information on program requirements and fees, please see Project 20 Fact Sheet. You must appear at the SFMTA Customer Service Center to sign-up for Project 20… (more)

What are transit citations? Does the SFMTA hand out moving violations as well as parking tickets?

Camera Enforcement: Details online


  • Bryant Streeet & 6th Street
  • Bush Street & Van Ness Avenue
  • Ellis Street & Larkin Street
  • Fell Street & Masonic Avenue
  • Folsom Street & 1st Street
  • Franklin Street & Geary Street
  • Harrison Street & 3rd Street
  • Harrison Street & 5th Street
  • Harrison Street & 8th Street
  • Howard Street & 4th Street
  • Howard Street & 5th Street
  • Howard Street & 9th Street
  • Marina Boulevard & Lyon Street
  • Market Street & Octavia Boulevard (coming soon)
  • Mission Street & 5th Street
  • Mission Street & 7th Street
  • Mission Street &15th Street
  • Oak Street & Octavia Boulevard
  • Park Presidio Boulevard & Fulton Street
  • Park Presidio Boulevard & Geary Boulevard
  • Park Presidio & Lake Street
  • Pine Street & Polk Street
  • Polk Street & Hayes Street
  • Richardson Avenue & Francisco Street
  • Sloat Boulevard & Nineteenth Avenue
  • South Van Ness Avenue & Fourteenth Street

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