Flightcar: San Francisco sues unruly SFO car rental startup from Santa Clara

By Joshua Melvin : mercurynews.com – excerpt

SAN FRANCISCO –A Santa Clara car rental startup has provoked a legal dustup at San Francisco International Airport, making it the latest in a series of battles between rule testing tech entrepreneurs and officials.
San Francisco City Attorney Dennis Herrera is accusing FlightCar, Inc. of dodging fees and undercutting its competition at the airport so the city wants the startup to give a cut of its profits to SFO and follow a few rules or shut down.
In a lawsuit filed Friday in San Francisco Superior Court, Herrera argues FlightCar — which allows travelers to rent out their cars instead of paying for airport parking — also has flouted car rental agency rules.
No legal action has been taken on the city’s request to force the company to shape up or close down. FlightCar’s response to the suit is due by July 1.
But it’s yet another battle between tech-based transportation startups and those who would police them… (more)

 Not that we would ever consider allowing strangers to drive our car while we are out of town, but, what happened here? This shared vehicles project is not sanctioned by San Francisco because they forgot to offer the city cut? FlightCar parks these cars off site at their own expense.

SFO Car Sharing Startup Sued Over Violating Airport Rules 
SF suing Startup over business at SFO

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