Residential Parking Meters In Santa Monica Proposed To Raise Money, Discourage Residential Parking : LA – excerpt

Are you the kind of driver who looks for sidestreet parking rather than pay at a main street parking meter? That may no longer be a cost-saving option, at least not in Santa Monica, Calif.
Santa Monica city officials are exploring a pilot program that would add parking meters to some residential streets near commercial streets, the Santa Monica Daily Press reports. Residents with preferential parking permits would not have to pay the meters.
Officials hope that, in addition to raising money for the city, the residential meters will discourage parking on side streets — which has forced residents to park three or four blocks from their homes… (more)

We already know what happens. People get one ticket when the go out to eat and they avoid returning to the neighborhood. Parking meters kill businesses. They are a great way to clear the area for new development. We need a state legislative effort to kill this meter madness.

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