Boomers on the Move

Boomers moving into urban areas


By Maria Bartiromo : cnbc,com – excerpt

Richard Florida, “The Atlantic Cities” Co-Founder & Editor-At-Large and “The Rise of the Creative Class Revisited” Author – Today’s seniors are steering clear of the once popular golf communities when they hit retirement. Where is this wealthy demographic migrating? “The Atlantic Cities” Co-Founder and Editor-At-Large Richard Florida reveals the new hotspots for seniors and this trend’s economic impact… (more)

Boomers moving into cities driving up property values

According to this report, the majority of people moving into urban areas are NOT young high tech professionals. Retiring baby boomers  are moving in, driving up property values, and pushing young professionals and families out. So, where will the displaced  live, and how likely is this new population to walk or ride bikes?

As soon as they get here they will figure out what is happening and make some changes in the political arena to…

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