Muni Exempted from Requirements to Create Plan to Cease Idling Buses for Hours

By Joe Eskenazi : – excerpt

Update: Read Muni internal directive regarding idling of hundreds of buses for hours.
Last week, SF Weekly revealed that, in gross violation of state law, Muni idles its diesel buses for hours in the morning before sending them out to pick up riders.
This was, indeed, a violation of the law. But it didn’t violate Muni policy. How’s that work? The Bay Area Air Quality Management District today informed us that while Muni is bound to follow the law regarding idling buses for no longer than 10 minutes, it has been exempted from having to develop policy indicating how it intends to follow that law… (more)


BART Management Turns Down 60 Day Cooling Off Period, Would Rather Have Strike Now Than In September

by Jeff Shuttleworth : – excerpt

BART’s two biggest labor unions announced today that their members have voted to authorize a strike against the transit agency.
Members of Service Employees International Union Local 1221, which represents 1,430 mechanics, custodians and clerical workers, and Amalgamated Transit Union Local 1555, which represents 945 station agents, train operators and foreworkers, voted on Tuesday but the results weren’t announced until today.
The votes give union leaders the power to call a strike, but they don’t necessarily mean that one will occur.
The unions’ contracts with BART expire on Sunday, so a strike could potentially begin as soon as Monday morning… (more)

Plan “B”. Share a car. Then try to park it. Maybe SFMTA could help by relieving parking restrictions during the strike. One of our suggestions has been that the SFMTA only enforce parking restrictions when and where public transit options currently exist. Not where the “plan” to have them in the future.

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