Congestion pricing will damage S.F.’s economy

by : – excerpt

Charging fees for drivers entering and leaving San Francisco during rush hours would be an inefficient and economically damaging way to manage traffic. Effectively managing traffic flow is the problem, not banning cars. Better traffic management — especially at intersections leading to and from the bridges — and better enforcement — especially against double parkers and those who block intersections — would greatly reduce congestion. Allowing a full roll-out of the SFPark program will further improve traffic flow because drivers will know where to find on and off-street parking.
The economic growth our city is fortunate to be experiencing has brought new construction, temporarily constricting traffic. This isn’t a permanent disruption and a new tax won’t improve traffic flow.
We need a mass transit system that quickly and reliably gets people from one place to another…  (more)

The SFMTA’s primary objective should be getting people where they need to go, not telling them how to get there.Transit First means FIX MUNI FIRST. Not eliminate parking and harass drivers first. Tell the Supervisors to quit using transit funds to fund Non-Muni projects. (Comments on the source article are appreciated.)




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