BART strike: San Francisco garages raising rates over parking crunch

By Thomas Peele : – excerpt

SAN FRANCISCO — Parking in the City by the Bay has always been an expensive challenge, but the BART strike is making many drivers dig deeper into their wallets to find a spot.
Some drivers are reporting private garages are jacking up their rates to take advantage of the demand this week as the transit system shutdown entered its second day Tuesday.
“What do you want from me? It’s money,” snapped an attendant at a Howard Street lot who was asked why the fee to park there all day went up from $25 on Monday to $30 on Tuesday.
The city does not regulate the prices charged by private garages, but drivers who overstay their welcome at one of the city’s coveted parking meters also will be stuck paying more. By complete coincidence, the city just added $2 Monday to what’s now the highest-in-the-country fine — $74 — for expired parking meters downtown.
Thinking twice about driving to San Francisco now?(more)

Or maybe start another petition to quit eliminating parking spaces in San Francisco. We obviously need MORE parking than we have this week. Quit punishing cars. We need a new balanced MTA Board that supports the reality we live in today. Fire the planners and hire more drivers. We need Muni to take us where we need to go not tell us how to get there.

Oakland To Dismiss Parking Tickets Issued During Strike – excerpt

OAKLAND (CBS SF) — Although Oakland city workers went on strike Monday, some residents and visitors still received parking citations from the city that day, prompting officials to announce Tuesday that those citations will be dismissed.
Service Employees International Union Local 1021 and Professional and Technical Engineers Local 21, unions that represent about 2,470 Oakland city employees, held a one-day strike Monday demanding better compensation.
While parking enforcement officers were among the employees on strike, at least one parking employee showed up to work Monday, city spokeswoman Karen Boyd said… (more)