BART Offers Free Parking, Adds Even More Buses for Beleaguered Commuters

By Erin Sherbert : – excerpt

This might be your only chance to get free parking and a free ride from BART. Commuters in the East Bay can head on over to the West Oakland Station this morning where BART has added more (free) bus service into San Francisco.
BART has 36 charter buses serving the West Oakland Station where a bus bridge is carting commuters to downtown San Francisco until 9 a.m. The buses will bring commuters back to the station for the afternoon commute between 3 p.m. and 7 p.m.
Commuters can park for free at West Oakland and get a free trip to and from work today.
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Park For Free, Find a Ride Across the Bay Bridge
BART’s parking lots are free during the strike; many casual carpools meet nearby. Make your plan. Check out Patch’s map of casual carpools (above) to find a ride over the Bay Bridge. Also, all BART parking lots are open, free of charge, for the length of the strike. Many casual carpools start near the lot, so you can park and find a ride — or offer one — to work in San Francisco… (more)

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