Polk Street survey results

district5diary – excerpt

A friend from the Polk St. group said June 21,2013 was a policy and governance committee (PAG) meeting. C. Brinkman and J. Ramos (MTA) said there were 1703 responses to the Polk Street survey.

Option A: 49% – keep street parking
Option B: 6% – keep street parking
Option C: 45% – remove parking on one side of street

49+6 = 55% want to preserve street parking. The survey ended May 24, but MTA hasn’t posted the results yet on their website.

Brinkman and Ramos might have a hard time spinning the results, which they obviously don’t like.

Take a look at the redesigned SFMTA website. There is not a single link to their phone numbers! Every other city department has contact info, phone numbers… (more)

USF Parking Lottery

usfca.edu – excerpt
College is so dicey these days.
Not only are students paying higher tuition interest rates on student loans for a questionable education these days, but now USF is setting up a lottery parking system for them. Students can start applying here: Student Lottery Parking Permit Application