Muni seeks to bring order to shuttle bus chaos

By Michael Cabanatuan : sfchronicle – excerpt


Muni wants to share 100 of its stops with the growing swarm of private commuter shuttles, give priority to its own buses and charge a fee to the private operators in an effort to impose some order on the out-of-control industry.
The Municipal Transportation Agency is proposing an 18-month test of a shuttle policy designed to support the private buses, which transport as many as 35,000 workers a day, mostly to and from tech companies in Silicon Valley, while reducing conflicts with Muni buses and establishing guidelines to help the private and public buses get along.
“We’re trying to be balanced,” said Carli Paine, project manager. “This is our best approach. It provides for operation of the shuttles and recognizes their benefits while minimizing the impacts on Muni.”
The framework of the plan, which is still being developed, will be presented to a committee of the MTA Board of Directors on Friday… (more)

How can Muni complain? The buses take the pressure off Muni and cars off the road and cost Muni nothing.

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