Geary Boulevard’s underpass days could be over

by : sfexaminer – excerpt

The recessed section of Geary Boulevard near Fillmore Street has long separated the Western Addition and Japantown neighborhoods, but with future projects possibly bringing in funds to level the street, city officials are calling for plans to be drawn up about reunifying the areas.
Several long-awaited revamps for Geary Boulevard are finally making progress, including the Geary Corridor Bus Rapid Transit project. Part of that project could fund the infill of the underpass at Geary Boulevard and Fillmore Street.
Supervisors London Breed and Eric Mar, whose districts include the areas to the south and north, respectively, have called for a hearing involving numerous city agencies about how pieces of the project can begin to move forward…
Filling in the roadway could cost millions. The project has been estimated at $40 million…
“It’s really about closing the divide in these two communities,” Lauterborn said
A meeting for the entire Geary project is scheduled for Wednesday, July 31, at the Richmond District YMCA, located at 360 18th St… (more)

Stop spending money!

$40 million to fill an underpass to “close the divide” in these two communities?”, even thought they want to lower the 280 to create this divided effect). They are short $10 million plus for the Bay Bridge bolts, $300 million for the Transbay Terminal, and who know how much for the Chinatown tunnel. Finish something and pay for it before you start a new project.

Is the 100-Foot Parking Law Real?

By David LaBua : 7×7 – excerpt

Dear Parking Guru,
I just received a ticket for a street-sweeping sign that was way up the street from where I parked. I went to the library that day and found your book. In it, you say that, “The 100 foot law states that…each restrictive parking sign’s enforcement zone extends for 100 feet in each direction, or up to the nearest cross-street, whichever is less. The only reasonable argument I can see for having a parking ticket dismissed would be that there is no sign posted anywhere in the City that warns us of this.” Where is this law 100-foot law written? Nobody ever told me this, not even my driving instructor.

Dear S.O.L.,

This law has been printed on the back of every San Francisco resident’s birth certificate since 1947. Just kidding…they’ve only been doing that since 1975. Kidding again. The 100-foot law is the keystone of the San Francisco Traffic Code, but is one of those things that never gets discussed in driver training classes. Some traffic enforcement officers don’t even know about it. It seems to be one of those things heard only by word of mouth. I recently had a discussion with one of our friendly neighborhood SFMTA administrative judges, and one of the topics we discussed was the 100-Foot Law, and how to inform everyone about it. It is the most important parking and traffic law to know because it applies to all parking restriction signs…yet, it remains the least known. So here it is:

San Francisco Traffic Code Sec. 1001
When street signs noticing any Parking restrictions are required by state or local law, the signs shall not be placed more than 200 feet apart. The signs shall indicate by legible letters, words and figures the hours prescribed for said Parking restrictions within 100 feet on either side of the sign, except that such signs need not be placed within the boundaries of the grounds of a public institution… (more)