Honking Cab Drivers Demand San Francisco Ban On Ridesharing Services

by Sasha Lekach, : sfappeal – excerpt

With horns blaring, a long line of taxicabs circled San Francisco City Hall this afternoon, with cab drivers demanding that the city ban smartphone-enabled rideshare services.
As their colleagues circled the block, dozens of taxi drivers gathered on the steps of City Hall to call for the regulation of rideshare companies such as Lyft, Sidecar and Uber.
One of the rally’s organizers, Barry Korengold, president of the San Francisco Cab Drivers Association, called the startup companies “unfair competition.”
He said, “legal cabs are getting screwed,” citing a large drop in taxi ridership since the companies began operating.
The taxi drivers are asking city officials and the California Public Utilities Commission to step in… (more)


1 thought on “Honking Cab Drivers Demand San Francisco Ban On Ridesharing Services

  1. These ride shares are unregulated . Uber has designed use of their phones to before and after pick ups to deny liability in case of an accident but the times you must use their app is before, going to the client and after you drop off the client . When cell phones came out there was no law against driving and using your cell phone until they discovered that this causes distractions and accidents. . Then they banned cell phone use while driving . It ‘ll take a few more deaths caused by using the Uber phone before they finally put a law against driving while using the Application .


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