No Wall on the Waterfront – No on B and C


No Wall on the Waterfront: NO on B and C Campaign: NO on 8 Washington

Campaign Heats Up Over San Francisco’s Proposition B

In San Francisco, the battle is heating up over Proposition B on the November ballot. The measure would allow the construction of the 8 Washington condo development. Ken Bastida reports. CBS coverage

October 10, 2013 No on B and C at Pier One – videos


More NO Wall on the Waterfront  zRants videos on Vimeo.


ENUF (Eastern Neighborhoods United Front) is joining other San Francisco neighborhoods to support NO WALL ON THE WATERFRONT and the “NO” on B and C campaign. We are concerned about the impossible traffic being generated by waterfront activities and support efforts to curb more development that will make matters worse.

San Francisco just celebrated the opening of a multi-billion dollar bridge that brings thousands of…

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