Michelle Mowery, L.A.’s bike czar, talks to drivers too

By Carla Hall : latimes – excerpt

Michelle Mowery has been working in the intersection — or maybe in the crosshairs — between cyclists and drivers for the two decades she has been bicycle coordinator for the city’s Department of Transportation…
“People say you can’t go shopping. Yeah, you can. Costco is harder. One package of toilet paper and it’s all filled up.”
She is realistic: “The car is still the most efficient way to get around,” she says. But, she adds: “The time it takes to travel by bike is catching up with the time it takes to travel by car.”
Ever the politician, she winces at the term “road diet” to describe taking away a lane of traffic on a street to put in a bike lane. She prefers “road sharing” or “road buffet.” But whatever you call it, her goal is to create a network “that will get people where they need to go.”
The idea, according to Mowery, is to slow down or “calm” traffic on some neighborhood streets to make them more inviting to bicyclists, and let car traffic flow faster on other streets.
“The overall philosophy is that some streets will be better for bikes, some will be better for cars, some will be better for mass transit,” she says… (more)

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