Firefighters concerned about narrowing SF streets

By Eric Rasmussen : ktvu – excerpt – video

SAN FRANCISCO — The recent efforts to make San Francisco streets more pedestrian friendly may have the unintended consequences of slowing the response time of fire trucks answering emergency calls.
San Francisco streets can be frustrating and dangerous for pedestrians and drivers alike. Just ask San Francisco firefighters.
KTVU recently rode along with teams on two hook-and-ladder trucks in the city. They said some tight streets are getting tighter…
“They’re making bike lanes and putting palm trees in the middle, taking out a lane of traffic,” said firefighter Jim Fewell as he navigated down a stretch of Cesar Chavez.
Streetscape plans for the busy thoroughfare include a wider median, trees and something called “corner bulb outs.”…
Those “bulb outs” and wider sidewalks are a key part of pedestrian safety legislation passed by the San Francisco Board of Supervisors and written by Scott Wiener.
“We have an epidemic of pedestrians being hit on our streets,” said Wiener.
But San Francisco firefighters argue the changes could make navigating city streets even more difficult.
“We don’t want to keep piling on these challenges,” said San Francisco Fire Dept. spokesperson Mindy Talmadge. “That will affect our response time.”
Response times are already ticking up…
When asked if city officials were trying to make it as miserable as possible to drive in San Francisco, Wiener replied “The goal is to give people really good options other than driving a car.”… (more)

If you feel that this is a dangerous situation, let the Supervisors know how you feel:

1 thought on “Firefighters concerned about narrowing SF streets

  1. The city street are too narrow and sfmta is making it even narrow.What is gonna happen when we had a big emergency situation,like alwas we are gonna pay for their mistake,thank you


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