Berkeley manipulates motorists with parking meter prices

By : bizjournals – excerpt

The City of Berkeley both raised and lowered parking meter prices Tuesday in hopes of changing the behavior of drivers.
Rates have risen as high as $2.50 per hour in Elmwood and $2.25 per hour in some downtown areas in hopes of discouraging people from parking or lingering there. Rates are as low as $1 per hour in some distant, less desirable regions.
Berkeley has never really figured out how it feels about automobiles, as anyone who has tried to drive through its neighborhoods realizes when they bump up against one of the ubiquitous barriers blocking residential roads…
The residual chaos of these old central planning decisions is still apparent to anyone who tries to drive along College Avenue between Claremont Avenue and Dwight Way, a dozen blocks north. Every automobile going anywhere has to take Ashby or College; most of the time, both roads are busy with traffic. During business hours and rush hour both are hopelessly clogged. And where the two roads cross, by Wells Fargo bank? Fuggetaboutit.
Parking is nearly impossible to find, and you can’t turn off easily onto side streets, as many of them — Woolsey, Prince, Webster, Russell, Garber — lead to impassable barriers. Beyond the huge concrete planters and metal bars meant to gouge the bottom of any car that passes, you will glimpse a parking paradise with probably dozens of empty spaces. But you can’t get there… (more)

This is exactly what they plan to do in San Francisco. Remember what it was like before the SFMTA started trying to fix traffic congestion? There was no traffic congestion. Do us all and favor and leave the streets alone. Use the streetscape funds to fix the potholes. Eliminate road diets and quit taking away street parking.

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