SFMTA parking meter buy delayed over concerns about expansion

by : sfexaminer – excerpt

The SFMTA has approved a $54 million contract to replace 25,000 existing meters, but the planned purchase of additional meters has delayed The City’s stamp of approval.

At just over a decade old, San Francisco’s parking meters are well past their prime. But a $54 million plan to replace the coin-fed meters with credit card-friendly technology is on hold, and distrust with the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency’s plan to buy up to 10,000 new meters is partly to blame… (more)

Thank your Supervisors for protecting us from this latest SFMTA move. They heard your voices and doing what they can do legally to hold the SFMTA accountable for their actions. The one thing they can do is to refuse to sign the contracts the SFMTA brings them to sign off on.

Contact city officials and keep up with Grassroots Actions and Events

$54M Contract To Replace SF Meters Raises Questions About Future Parking Costs
Supervisor Mark Farrell said he wants guarantees from the SFMTA that the public is properly consulted before any additional meters are added in an expansion and wants an explanation why they agency wants so many spares…
With the meter contract in trouble, the SFMTA has sent the supervisors a new notification strategy that would give residents more say about new meters in there neighborhoods.
According to records, the SFMTA revenue from parking has doubled over the passed decade to $53 million a year.

Where is all the revenue from the parking meters going?

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