Mayor to Mayor Advice

By Willie Brown : sfgate – excerpt

I made the mistake when I was mayor of promising to “fix Muni” in 100 days. Now, Mayor Ed Lee has a task force that says it’s going to take another $10.1 billion to get the job done.
Another mistake.
Yes, we clearly need a lot more money for our public transit system, particularly since our clogged streets are making San Francisco almost unlivable.
But I’d like to add a couple of practical yet politically incorrect thoughts that you won’t find in any City Hall report.
For instance, the years-long campaign to make it nearly impossible to build garages is causing probably 30 percent of the traffic problem – those being all the drivers looking for a parking spot.
And for all of you transit-first folks who pushed to ban parking in buildings so people would be “encouraged” to take a bus, I say: Good luck finding a seat… (more)

Thank you Mayor Brown. We appreciate people who admit mistakes. Let’s hope the trend at City Hall to listen to the voting public continues. Here is one for you to chew on.

Since removing parking spots and traffic lanes has not convinced people to get out of their cars like SFMTA claimed it would, let’s try a different approach.
Offer the voters a choice between continuing to finance the anti-car campaign or reverse course.

Most of the traffic jams would be eliminated immediately by re-instating the traffic lanes and parking that have been eliminated, and by timing the lights appropriately.
Building Parking Transit Hubs near freeway exits would take care of a lot the commuters as well. When you invite hundreds of thousands of people to come into the city to work every day, and all the public transit systems are maxed out and unreliable, some people have to drive.

We need to reverse the rules limiting parking garages in new buildings. This is just another windfall for developers that creates a nightmare for everyone else.

Why are we spending more money on BRTs when the ones we have are not working. No one is happy with the T-Line. We don’t need more BRTs. We need more drivers and buses on the road. When Muni has money to hire and train the drivers and can’t get that done, do they think we will trust them with more money?

SFMTA should get us where we need to go not tell us how to get there.