The Central SoMa Plan

The latest detailed Central SOMA Plan presented at the MTA Board meeting this week came to us from a reader. Thanks Justin. Keep those tips coming.

More notes from that meeting will be coming soon. Meanwhile, here is a link to the tape of the meeting, which included some very exciting moments.  Link is here. or here depending on your system.

There was an overflow crowd of Muni riders protesting many of the other line and service cuts. Many elements of the the Central SOMA Plan and the TEP were not well received. The TEP was put on hold and public outreach was suggested. Supervisor Farrell joined a crowd of people defending the 3 Jackson. The 5 Fulton Pilot is not at all popular. Many people had to remind the MTA staff that San Francisco has many steep hills and everyone can’t walk up them. Buses need to help those people or they will have to drive.

Ed Reiskin was given a five year extension on his contract to manage the SFMTA

Please send your notes and comments here so we can get them in. Also be sure to let the supervisors and the MTA officials know how you feel about their plans. contacts are here: San Francisco Officials