Central SoMa Plan

SFMTA – excerpt

On Tuesday we supported a presentation to the Municipal Transportation Agency (MTA) Board, given by MTA staff. The presentation focused mainly on the proposed transportation improvements for Central SoMa as contained in the Draft Plan. You can see the presentation here.

You can watch the presentation and hear the MTA Board’s comments by following these steps:

  • Go to SFGTV
  • Click on “Video” for the December 3 hearing
  • Click on Item 14

In terms of next steps regarding streets and transportation issues, we are expecting to receive the results of the Central SoMa Transportation Impact Study by late spring, which we will use to refine our proposal.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me any time.

Steve Wertheim, Project Manager, Central SoMa Plan
(415) 558-6612

Please contact Mr. Wertheim and the supervisors with your suggestions.

Making parking harder in San Francisco

jamisonwieser – excerpt – (an opinion piece)

Two years ago San Francisco transportation agency (SFMTA) launched a state-of-the-art parking management system. In september The Guardian named it one of “five innovative city programmes from north America” and here’s how they sum it up… (more)

Last I heard adding to something increased the total and deleting decreased it, but some people do a different kind of math I guess. Fortunately for us the Supervisors agree with our math and supported us in our request for a halt to parking meters in our neighborhoods. Be sure to thank them for their support and get ready for the next big battle to preserve the San Francisco that we all love. Don’t forget to pat yourselves on the back because you made it happen!

Eyes on the Street: Folsom Buffered Bike Lane Goes Green

by  : sf.streetsblog – excerpt

The new, wider buffered bike lane on Folsom Street in SoMa is getting finishing touches this week as the SFMTA adds green paint where drivers are expected to merge with people on bikes.
“We pushed for green paint at the intersections, and we’re thrilled to see that safety element being added today,” the SF Bicycle Coalition wrote in its newsletter. “We’ll continue to monitor this pilot to see how the design works.”
Folsom commuters: How has your experience been? Does it feel safer? Are drivers using the bike lane, as has been often reported with the similar bike lane on Eighth Street? Let us know in the comments…. (more) 


Paratransit Coordinating Council (PCC)

sfmta – excerpt

PCC executive Committee Meeting
Wednesday, December 11, 2013, 10:30 am

The Paratransit Coordinating Council (PCC) is an advisory body for customers, service providers, social service agency representatives and others to provide input on the paratransit program. The Executive Committee of the PCC meets regularly to discuss and provide input to Muni on paratransit services. To become involved, call SFMTA Accessible Services at 415.701.4485 (TTY 415.701.4730)… (more)

Columbus Safety Plans Vetted By Community, Opposed By Merchant Leader

by  : sf.streetsblog – excerpt

Over two-thirds of the space on Columbus Avenue is devoted primarily to cars, yet only one-third of the people on the street are typically in automobiles.
That’s according to a 2010 study of how to improve the design of Columbus, in which residents and transportation planners came to the conclusion that North Beach’s thoroughfare needs calmer traffic and more space for pedestrians, transit, and bicycling. Now, three years later, as the SFMTA looks to finally implement the ideas laid out in the plan, some merchants and residents are pushing back, dismissing the extensive analysis and community planning already done.
Columbus is set to be re-paved next summer, presenting an opportunity to cost-effectively implement the concepts in the SF County Transportation Authority study, which include bulb-outs on Columbus’ narrow, crowded sidewalks and an on-street plaza — dubbed “Piazza St. Francis, the Poet’s Plaza” — on an adjacent block of Vallejo Street. At the intersection of Columbus, Green, and Stockton Streets, traffic islands would be added to simplify motor vehicle movements, diverting traffic off westbound Green and southbound Stockton (converting it to a one-way street north of Columbus).
With a road diet, one stretch of Columbus, between Green and Union Streets, would get transit-only lanes, while 8-foot-wide buffered bike lanes would be installed between Green and Washington Streets (although the bike lanes weren’t included in the SFCTA study, the traffic impacts of a road diet were)… (more)

SFMTA Set to Regulate Tech Company Shuttles

by Anna Duckworth : sanfrancisco.cbslocal – excerpt

rivate tech company buses and shuttles that have been using San Francisco Municipal Railway bus stops could soon have to follow some new rules as the city’s transportation agency board is set to decide on proposed regulations in January.
The San Francisco Metropolitan Transportation Agency said the private shuttles and buses carry about 35,000 workers a day to and from companies like Google, Facebook and Genentech using more than 200 Muni stops around the city…
pilot program could start early next year depending on the outcome of the board’s vote next month…. (more)

SFMTA Bicycle count 2013


The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) 2013 Bicycle Count Report was developed by the Strategic Planning and Policy Group…


Under the FY2013 – FY 2018 SFMTA Strategic Plan, the SFMTA is committed to achieving a citywide mode share goal of less than 50 percent auto and 50 percent non- auto (transit, bicycling, walking and taxi) of all trips to, from, and within San Francisco by 2018.
In order to achieve the shift in transportation modes, the SFMTA 2013 – 2018 Draft Bicycle Strategy Plan estimates a need to increase bicycling from 3.5 percent of all trips to 8 to10 percent of all trips by 2018. Bicycle counts are a key metric in assessing the progress towards these mode share goals… (more)