BART’s full parking lots top Mr. Roadshow’s ‘Dirty Dozen’ list

By Gary Richards : mercurynews – excerpt

Dave Perry tried to do the right thing and take BART from the East Bay to San Francisco International Airport. But when he couldn’t find a parking spot at the Dublin-Pleasanton station, he ended up driving, putting one more solo vehicle on the Bay Area’s jammed freeways.
He’s not alone. If you’re trying to find a parking space at a BART station, good luck.
The scarcity of BART parking is the top gripe on Mr. Roadshow’s complaint line this year, making it the first time a highway has not held the top spot in the dozen years the “Dirty Dozen” list has been compiled….
“Until parking can be improved in the East Bay, I wonder how many cars are in traffic because they have given up on mass transit due to the time and frustration involved with finding something as simple as a parking spot,” Perry said…
It would help on a lot of these stretches if more people took BART. If only they could park there… (more)

The parking management plan has not worked out the way it was visioned by urban planners. Eliminating parking and removing traffic lanes is increasing traffic congestion. We need to change course and make it easy for people to take pubic transit by establishing public parking near transit hubs and freeway exits.

The roads we hate and the changes we like