Steve Kornacki Floats New Theory About Chris Christie’s Bridge Scandal

 huffingtonpost – excerpt

MSNBC host Steve Kornacki floated a new theory as to why New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s staff and appointees engineered the closure of two lanes leading into the George Washington Bridge last year.*
“It wasn’t just the everyday lives of commuters and residents that were altered or in some cases jeopardized by what happened in Fort Lee,” Kornacki explained. “Something else was affected and possibly jeopardized, something of enormous economic and political significance.”
Kornacki explained that there is currently a billion dollar development project in Fort Lee, right next to where the lane closures occurred. The project is a keystone of Fort Lee Mayor Mark Sokolich’s tenure… (more)

New theories on why the closed traffic lanes on in New Jersey are coming out of the woodwork. So far no one is blaming the war on cars, or safer streets for pedestrians and cyclists. People are filing claims against the MTA, and the outcome of those cases could have some wide ranging ramifications.

* Members of both the SF Planning Commission and the SFMTA Board balked at removing traffic lanes from Third street, which most people consider to be a major regional arterial road, connecting to the Bay Bridge.

If you haven’t already done so, send some letters to the members of those boards and the supervisors, reminding them that all regional traffic flows through the city and that traffic should not be impaired in any way.

Also remind them that the funds coming out of Washington and Sacramento are based on claims for regional plans, therefore, there must be a regional plan.

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