Your State is Charging Ahead

Union of Concerned Scientists : ucusa – excerpt

Help demonstrate the potential and benefits of electric vehicles

Here’s the good news: your governor recently joined a group of eight states—California, Connecticut, Maryland, Massachusetts, New York, Oregon, Rhode Island, and Vermont— committed to getting millions of electric vehicles (EVs) onto their state’s roads. But the real work of putting that commitment into action is just beginning.

As states put their EV plans into action, we need to keep up the drumbeat of support for policies that will encourage people to choose EVs and make owning them easier.

You can help demonstrate the potential benefits of EVs when it comes to cutting oil use, saving money at the pump, and curbing global warming emissions by sharing the findings of our recent survey with your friends and family.

Here are a few ideas, and we hope you’ll share your thoughts on how cleaner vehicles would benefit your community specifically… (more)

Fire Department sounds alarm on pedestrian safety measure near school

: sfexaminer – excerpt

… With an estimated two to three pedestrian-vehicle collisions every day in San Francisco, city traffic planners and elected officials are renewing calls to make streets safer.
“We have a crisis in our city… and I don’t use that term lightly,” said Supervisor Scott Wiener, adding that there were roughly 1,000 pedestrian-vehicle accidents in 2013. “We’ve had a string of very, very tragic accidents.”
But on the question of how to best solve this crisis, traffic planners are continuing to butt heads with The City’s first responders…
Bulb-outs reduce the distance a pedestrian needs to cross the street, but they also narrow the roadway. Streets need to be at least 20 feet wide in order for emergency vehicles to pass through safely, and 26 feet if a ladder fire truck has its outriggers deployed…. (more)

The SFMTA is balking at giving first responders one more foot of street width? As we have noted, extending the length of the yellow light and adding countdowns provides a cheaper less severe method of helping people to cross the streets safely, by letting them know how long they have to do so. Longer yellow lights help calm the traffic by giving drivers a better sense of time as well. Everyone is less stressed when they can anticipate the time more accurately. Write your state representatives and request some help at the state level. We need longer yellow lights.