The Latest San Francisco Parking Citation Data

By David LaBua : 7×7 – excerpt

Pop quiz. Please turn off your computer, smartphone, or tablet. Eyes on your own paper.
The answer is: 88 million.
Is the correct question:
a) What was the number of barrels of oil consumed globally per day in 2011?
b) What was the dollar amount of revenue generated from parking citations in San Francisco last year?
If you answered “a” you are correct. You are also correct if you answered “b”.
Paul Rose, a spokesman for SFMTA, informed me this week that last year (FY 2012-2013), 1,549,518 
parking citations were issued totaling $88,889,809 in fines.

I asked him how many were contested, and he stated that, “77,248 citations were contested at the first level of review.” That’s about 5 percent of the total 1.5 million citations issued. Of those 77,248 challenged citations, 21,405 or about 28 percent were dismissed as being an invalid citation. 13,085 of the remaining 55,843 citations, that were upheld after the first level of contesting, went on to the second level and were heard before an administrative judge. Of those 13,085 cases heard by an administrator, about 5,000 were found to be invalid and were dismissed.

So, out of a total of 1.5 million parking tickets issued, a total of 26,400 or 1.76 percent were found to be invalid and were dismissed… (more)

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