Volunteer training makes bicycle advocacy easy

By Renee Rivera : sfgate – excerpt

Whether you bike every day for your commute, get out on weekend road rides or ride for neighborhood errands, the experience is made better or worse depending on the streets you are riding on. Maybe you live in Pleasant Hill or Walnut Creek and ride to BART on the Iron Horse Trail. Or perhaps your commute from Oakland to UC Berkeley takes you through the traffic-calmed Webster/Shafter corridor. If you have a low-stress commute on established paths, bike lanes or bike boulevards, those improvements make your ride feel much safer and more pleasant.

How do these bike lanes, bike boulevards and other facilities – Oakland alone has more than 140 miles of bicycle facilities on its streets – come to be on our streets? The impetus for these changes comes from people who live there but take the extra step of asking their city to make an improvement for walking and bicycling… (more)

So, we need to have a car advocacy group. Ready to join? sign the Stop SFMTA petition and stay tuned to  Metermadness and Grassroots Actions

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