Transit on Trial: Our Muni Cover Story Spurs a Public Hearing

By Joe Eskenazi : sfweekly – excerpt
Wednesday, Jan 22 2014 – just found this article

…Supervisor David Campos called for a public hearing before the board’s Government Audit and Oversight Committee to address lingering questions regarding the bizarre manner in which these buses were obtained, and nagging concerns about their reliability. The material covered in our story — and Campos’ subsequent communications with Muni higher-ups — have left him scratching his head… (more)

Government Audit and Oversight Committee – February 13, 2014 – Item # 4 – 140044 RE: the  Municipal Transportation Agency Contract for New Flyer Hybrid Buses. Supervisor Campos requested a hearing on the Municipal Transportation Agency contracting process for the New Flyer hybrid buses, approved by the Board of Supervisors on October 29, 2013, as referenced in File No. 130977, to obtain additional information regarding the contracting process and construction of the fleet that occurred before approval by the Board of Supervisors.  1/14/14; RECEIVED AND ASSIGNED to the Government Audit and Oversight Committee. (video link – 1:29:17)

Supervisor Campos “…There are questions that should be answered with respect to the process that was followed for the purchase of the vehicles at issue 50 vehicles for 38 million…” Issues of concern to Supervisor Campos:  It is important to find out how the vehicles were delivered to the MTA before the contract was actually approved by the Board of Supervisors. It seems as if the decision to purchase these vehicles was made prior to completion of the internal review of the options… At least 10% of the buses may have failed in route to San Francisco… “If any of my constituents ask, did we make a good investment, was the investment made in a responsible way, did we follow best practices, we should be able to say, we in fact, have done that.”

Just listen to the tape.