Facing Resistance to Longer Walks, SFMTA Revises Some Muni Route Changes

by : sf.streetsblog – excerpt

The SFMTA is fine-tuning its proposals to change Muni routes as part of its Transit Effectiveness Project, an effort to make Muni more efficient. By consolidating stops and concentrating service on key routes, the TEP aims to make Muni faster and more reliable. The agency presented revisions at a public meeting last night intended to address pushback from some residents, many of whom are elderly, against proposals that would have them walk up to a few blocks more to their Muni stop…

With input collected at 11 neighborhood meetings held throughout the city over the past few weeks, a few of the proposed line adjustments have undergone major revisions to avoid disrupting current service patterns, said Sean Kennedy, planning manager for the Muni TEP. “There are a couple of hot issues in each district,” he said.

For example, a proposal to move the 27-Bryant segment in the Mission to Folsom Street [PDF], replacing the 12-Folsom (proposed to be eliminated) and re-named the 27-Folsom, has been changed to keep Muni on Bryant(more)

Maybe SFMTA should spend more time on Muni and less altering the streets. If the planners took the Muni routes they are altering, they would know better than to suggest some of the things they are coming up with.

It looks as if SFMTA agreed to keep the 3 Jackson and the 27 Bryant, thanks in large part to Supervisors Farrell and Campos.  The northern end of the 8X-Bayshore was also re-configured. A list of the routes that people are opposed to changing: http://discoveryink.wordpress.com/tep-meetings/tep-routes/

If you have comments or concerns, you may want to attend one of the TEP Meetings or SFMTA Board meetings.

SFMTA Board Considers New Muni Fare Discounts

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