San Francisco Parking Is Ruining My Love Life

By Amber Leigh : thebolditalic – excerpt

It happened a few weeks ago. My boyfriend and I had just parted ways on a Monday morning. Birds were singing and the sun was shining; it felt like the best morning ever. Until my phone rang. It was my boyfriend. I thought maybe he’d realized that he actually did have time to drive me to work, or that he just had to say “I love you” one more time… but I was wrong.

The night before he and I had done the parking dance to the point of disbelief. “How can there be NO parking spaces anywhere?” we repeatedly asked each other as we circled the streets around my apartment. Eventually, we were forced to abandon convenience and park several blocks away. He was about to walk over and check the street cleaning sign when I stopped him. I said I had this great app that shows when street cleaning is based on your location. He eyed me suspiciously, but decided to suspend logic and trust me and my app. Was this what true love looked like, someone willing to trust you over an easily verifiable sign? The app reported that street cleaning wasn’t until Wednesday.

Parking in this city can change a person. You avoid entire neighborhoods because you can never find parking there. You spend 20 minutes circling the block. You see a space, and then someone else takes it first. You find a space that’s too good to be true, and you’re right, it is. The red paint on the curb is faded and your blood sugar is plummeting and you may be starting to hallucinate. And then there’s street cleaning, that fatal blow that sets off the inner monologue that takes you straight to the dark side:…

“So it would be great if you’d pay for half of this ticket and delete that stupid app of yours,” he howled into the phone… (more)

State may require rideshare companies to own fleet of wheelchair accessible cars

By Joe Fitzgerald Rodriguez : sfbg – excerpt

As cabbies flee the taxi industry to drive for so-called rideshare companies such as Uber, Lyft, and Sidecar, specially made taxis for the disabled are left sitting idle in their garages.

At a hearing last week, SFMTA Taxi Director Christiane Hayashi said the city is in a disability community transit crisis. But the Guardian has learned that the California Public Utilities Commission is considering requiring rideshare companies to provide their own vehicle fleet for the disabled community.

“We could require these companies to own their own fleet,…a fleet that’s accessible to the disabled community,” Marzia Zafar, the director of policy and planning division at the CPUC, told the Guardian. “We can certainly do that when we have the information, if we see that divide.”

The plan could be implemented as early as September, she said… (more)


SFMTA “Budget Town Hall”

sfist – excerpt


Hey, wants to watch the SFMTA “Budget Town Hall” that was held on Saturday? (Fave quote, from a public commenter to the SFMTA: “You’re oblivious. You’re delusional.”) Here it is, below. [SFGovTV/YouTube] … (more)