Special SFMTA TEP Meeting at City Hall to review current plans

Tomorrow (Friday, March 14, 2014) there will be a special meeting of the SFMTA Board.  The meeting will be in Room 400 City Hall, beginning at 9:00 a.m.  Meeting Agenda

Item 9 (which follows the Director’s and CAC reports) is for general public comment on MTA matters.

Item 12 will be a status report on the ever-changing Transit Effectiveness Project.  Good opportunity for those with TEP ideas to impart….

Item 13 (the main event) will be a presentation and discussion of the MTA’s FY 2015/16 Operating Budget followed by a discussion of its FY 2015/16 Capital Budget.

Muni’s capital budget problems have been compounded by the failure of Mayor Lee and his transportation task force (TTF) to adequately address Muni’s long range problems. For those who don’t have hours to spend waiting, Item 9 would give you an opportunity to speak relatively early in the meeting.

Please come and speak up.
Jerry Cauthen, for SaveMuni

GG Bridge Toll Hikes Approved 15-2, Supes Campos and Breed Opposed

by streetsblog – excerpt

When the plan for much-needed toll hikes on the Golden Gate Bridge was approved Friday, the only opponents on the GG Bridge Highway and Transportation District Board of Directors were Supervisors David Campos and London Breed.

All other 15 members who voted, including Marin County reps, apparently understood the need to fund rising infrastructure costs for the bridge by increasing tolls for the drivers who use it. In recent years, the board tolls have not risen as quickly as fares for Golden Gate Transit, which has also seen service cuts — a pattern that unfairly burdens bus riders and induces more car traffic on the Golden Gate Bridge…

Under the plan approved by the bridge district, the $6 toll will rise to $7 on April 7 on its way to $8 by 2018. A 25-cent increase will go in place on July 1, 2015, with a similar boost each year until 2018, according to the Chronicle. The bridge board increased tolls beyond its original proposal, which didn’t include an increase in 2015. By adding a 25-cent hike in 2015, projected revenue was increased from $123 million to $138 million… (more)


Bridge toll raise adds to the rip-off prices of San Francisco


By Jordan Hunter : goldengatexpress – excerpt

From $6 beers to $10 sandwiches, San Francisco is not the cheapest city to live in — it is the most expensive, finally surpassing New York City. Whether residents are getting bombarded by aggressive panhandlers for spare change or harassed by the SFMTA for a $2 ticket, we can never get a break. That is not about to change.

If you haven’t heard, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors voted Feb. 28 to raise the Golden Gate Bridge toll from an already costly $6 to $7 beginning April 7. If you aren’t up in arms about that yet, they plan on issuing a 25-cent raise every year until the toll reaches $8 in 2018. This is completely unnecessary.

According to KQED, it now takes earnings from more than five minimum wage jobs to afford the rent in a two-bedroom apartment in neighborhoods like…

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Red light camera debate expands to 4th Bay Area city

: abclocal – excerpt

SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (KGO) — The debate over the effectiveness of red light cameras on safety is now heading to a fourth Bay Area city.

San Rafael is canceling its contract for red light cameras, saying they didn’t have much of an effect on reducing accidents. Hayward and Belmont are also canceling their red light cameras. And Wednesday night, South San Francisco may do the same.

If there is one place in South San Francisco where people do not want their pictures taken, it’s at an intersection with red light cameras … (more)

Irving Transit Bulb-Outs Downsized to Appease SFFD, Parking Complainers

by : sfstreetsblog – excerpt

Sidewalk widenings on Irving Street in the Inner Sunset, proposed by the SFMTA to make it safer and easier for tens of thousands of commuters to board the N-Judah, have been cut down in size to a fraction of the original proposals due to neighborhood complaints about losing car parking and protests from the SF Fire Department.

The plans are scheduled for preliminary approval at an SFMTA engineering on Friday at 10 a.m. The SFMwTA Board of Directors must approve the plans at a later meeting… (more)

Who said the SFMTA is not listening? Keep those letters and comments coming to the SFMTA, Supervisors and media. Your voices are being heard as evidenced by the changes to the TEP so far. If you think the SFMTA is doing a lousy job of managing traffic and parking, let everyone know.


TEP Service Change Proposals Revised based on Community Feedback

Muni is considering proposed service and route changes as a part of the Transit Effectiveness Project (TEP).  Developed with extensive analysis and community input, the TEP proposals will modernize Muni for its 700,000 daily passengers.

Over the past six weeks, we have conducted extensive outeach and held numerous community meetings about the various TEP service change proposals.  Based on the feedback we received, we have revised the service change proposals for the following routes:

Also due to community input and further analysis, we will not be pursuing any route changes for the following routes at this time:

To provide input or learn more, attend a community meeting.  Visit tellmuni.com to give feedback and sign up for updates.  In March, the SFMTA Board will hold a public hearing on the proposed service changes and all community input received.

For more information about upcoming meetings, take a look at the Muni Needs Your Input flyer.

Upcoming Meetings
Click on route numbers below to see details about the proposed changes that will be discussed at each meeting.
St. Gregory’s of Nyssa Episcopal Church, 500 De Haro Street
Routes: 10, 22, 33
City Hall, Room 400
SFMTA Board Special Meeting – Informational Hearing
(Decision will not be made at this hearing.)
City Hall, Room 400
SFMTA Board Special Meeting – TEP Service Change Recommendations
(Decision expected at this meeting.)

For more information, check back on this page, call 415-701-4599, or email tep@sfmta.com.  Information on all proposed service changes will be available at all meetings and can be viewed at the Main Library reference desk.

Contact: Sean Kennedy, TEP Planning Manager, (415) 701-4599, email tep@sfmta.com

Wired measures tech bus trips in a day

By Joe Fitzgerald Rodriguez : sfbg – excerpt

The vaunted Google Bus pilot program is now in legal limbo as local activists appeal the deal to regulate the shiny behomoths, on environmental grounds. As we wait and see what the next step will be, one technology journalist decided to figure out for himself what the SFMTA says the pilot program aims to do: track the number of tech buses running around San Francisco.

Well, to be fair, Kevin Poulsen, investigations editor at Wired magazine, only tracked the buses flying by his home. But the process doesn’t seem too tough to replicate.

As he writes in his Wired post:

“Last week, it occurred to me that I might start monitoring the local Wi-Fi environment to determine how often the Apple Bus really comes by. My wife guessed 10 times a day. I’d have said 20.”

So essentially, he used the Apple bus’ Wi-Fi, provided for their employees, to track movements of the bus. He didn’t make any bets on it, but if he had, it seems his wife would’ve lost.

“After a week of reverse-wardriving, it appears the Apple Bus passes my house an average of 36 times a day, and is uncannily punctual, especially in the a.m., when the first bus reliably pops up on my Wi-Fi radar between 6:23:33 and 6:23:56 every morning… (more)

Park and Ride transit hubs may be the answer to keeping tech buses off city streets, and solve the parking problem for commuters and people who want to park and switch transit modes in the city closer to their destination. Instead of driving across the city, the tech buses could pick up their people at the parking hubs off the freeways

It appears that tech bus riders feel they can rely on tech buses to get them to work on time because, unlike Muni buses, tech buses keep a tight schedule without rushing people or forcing them to stand on crowded buses. Maybe Muni should take a closer look at how they operate. They may learn something.

There are parking lots at BART stops in Berkeley and Castro Valley, and there is plenty of room for shuttle buses to line up off the street without stopping traffic.  SF could build something similar.

We hear from SFMTA and city officials that we can’t afford any parking garages because the land to too valuable. Shouldn’t the voters decide what we want to pay for? Maybe we would rather pay for parking garages than TEP projects and street calming.

The shuttle buses and companies they serve, may want to invest in parking hub garages as part of their public works program. Instead of fighting parking, we could embrace it as a means of keeping a lot of shuttle buses off city streets.

If you feel like many of us do, that the public transit system should include more public parking at transit hubs, preferably near freeway exits, please send that information to your supervisor. The more they hear that the voters want MORE PARKING the easier it will be to get MORE PARKING. This is an election year. Tell them what you want for your vote.