Irving Transit Bulb-Outs Downsized to Appease SFFD, Parking Complainers

by : sfstreetsblog – excerpt

Sidewalk widenings on Irving Street in the Inner Sunset, proposed by the SFMTA to make it safer and easier for tens of thousands of commuters to board the N-Judah, have been cut down in size to a fraction of the original proposals due to neighborhood complaints about losing car parking and protests from the SF Fire Department.

The plans are scheduled for preliminary approval at an SFMTA engineering on Friday at 10 a.m. The SFMwTA Board of Directors must approve the plans at a later meeting… (more)

Who said the SFMTA is not listening? Keep those letters and comments coming to the SFMTA, Supervisors and media. Your voices are being heard as evidenced by the changes to the TEP so far. If you think the SFMTA is doing a lousy job of managing traffic and parking, let everyone know.


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