TEP Service Change Proposals Revised based on Community Feedback

Muni is considering proposed service and route changes as a part of the Transit Effectiveness Project (TEP).  Developed with extensive analysis and community input, the TEP proposals will modernize Muni for its 700,000 daily passengers.

Over the past six weeks, we have conducted extensive outeach and held numerous community meetings about the various TEP service change proposals.  Based on the feedback we received, we have revised the service change proposals for the following routes:

Also due to community input and further analysis, we will not be pursuing any route changes for the following routes at this time:

To provide input or learn more, attend a community meeting.  Visit tellmuni.com to give feedback and sign up for updates.  In March, the SFMTA Board will hold a public hearing on the proposed service changes and all community input received.

For more information about upcoming meetings, take a look at the Muni Needs Your Input flyer.

Upcoming Meetings
Click on route numbers below to see details about the proposed changes that will be discussed at each meeting.
St. Gregory’s of Nyssa Episcopal Church, 500 De Haro Street
Routes: 10, 22, 33
City Hall, Room 400
SFMTA Board Special Meeting – Informational Hearing
(Decision will not be made at this hearing.)
City Hall, Room 400
SFMTA Board Special Meeting – TEP Service Change Recommendations
(Decision expected at this meeting.)

For more information, check back on this page, call 415-701-4599, or email tep@sfmta.com.  Information on all proposed service changes will be available at all meetings and can be viewed at the Main Library reference desk.

Contact: Sean Kennedy, TEP Planning Manager, (415) 701-4599, email tep@sfmta.com

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